Citizen Artist Baltimore Mayoral Questionnaire Respondees

Leading Mayoral Candidates Respond to Citizen Artist Baltimore Questionnaire

Citizen Artist Baltimore is excited to announce that all of Baltimore’s leading mayoral candidates have responded to our community-driven arts questionanire! Voters are invited to visit the questionnaire webpage at to learn about Baltimore City’s leading mayoral candidates positions on the educational, economic, and social values of local arts and culture.

Candidates who have responded to the questionnaire include Sheila Dixon, Elizabeth Embry, Joshua Harris, Patrick Gutierrez, DeRay McKesson, Nick Mosby, Catherine Pugh, Carl Stokes, Alan Walden, David Warnock, and Calvin Young.

Throughout January 2016 CAB conducted a series of listening sessions with hundreds of voters across Baltimore City. From these sessions, CAB synthesized the top priorities of Baltimore’s creative communities into a questionnaire and statement shared with all mayoral candidates.

On March 7, 2016, CAB held the first ever Mayoral Forum on Arts and Culture in which over 500 arts voters listened to eleven mayoral contenders as they spoke about important issues including increasing support for arts education, mandating equity in cultural funding, creating a cabinet level arts position, and developing an inclusive cultural plan for Baltimore City.

Citizen Artist Baltimore is a non-partisan advocacy effort to mobilize thousands of voters within Baltimore City’s creative communities by providing the opportunity for mayoral candidates to outline their positions and goals related to arts, culture and humanities. The effort serves as a call to action for individuals, organizations, and institutions to work together to advance inclusion of these issues in the April 2016 Primary Mayoral Election and beyond. The initiative also encourages voter registration and long-term engagement in the democratic process.

Citizen Artist Baltimore is led by the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance (GBCA), Maryland Citizens for the Arts (MCA), and the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation in partnership with nine additional arts organizations.